4 Interesting Facts on the Vaping Industry

4 Interesting Facts on the Vaping Industry

Whether you are just starting out vaping or have been doing it for a while and are loving it, you probably are naturally curious about the activity and want to learn more. If so, you’re in the right place! Here are four facts on the vaping industry that you can share with friends the next time you’re together and can bring you more enjoyment today.

1. Your Favourite Desserts are Ready to Vape Now

Seriously. Your creamy milkshake is now available all wrapped up in a bottle of e-juice. Oh and that apple pie? Yes, that sweet dessert is ready for you to sink into when you are vaping the next time.

Other delicious treats reinvented as e-juice flavours include gummy bears, orange soda, and berry lemonade. No, we’re not making this up. You can get a satisfying nicotine hit if you want it too. Which flavour explosion will you choose next?

2. Vape Culture is Growing

“Vape meets” are happening, although you might not have heard of them yet. They are characterising what some people call vape culture.

These gatherings involve people swapping their custom gear, new gadgets, and flavours. Or, at least they were before the COVID-19 outbreak. Let’s see what’s the new normal for vape culture on the other side of the pandemic.

3. Cloud Chasing is Hip and Funky

Are you a cloud chaser? It’s a controversial part of vaping that you might not have heard of… yet. Cloud chasers alter their gear to increase the amount of vapor that comes out, like a big billowing cloud.

They compete and measure the girth of their cloud. It’s a novel competition that might have you reaching for, well, the sky.

4. Vampire It Up

Rather than just vaping, why not get your vampire on? Now you can get 50ml bottles of the Vampire Blood e-liquid, with or without nicotine.

These vape juices deliver a punch of flavour, and many of them have a refreshing icy sensation. There is Apple Slush, Menthol, Lemon Tart, New Cherry, Strawberry Delight, and many more different types. If you’re ready to see what it’s like to meet a vampire and get to tell your buddies about it afterwards, then get your taste on!

Bonus! A 5th Fact

OK, we said there were only four facts but here is a bonus one. Yup, it’s your lucky day.

We couldn’t let you go without talking about vaping mods. A growing number of people are DIYing their supplies to get more performance out of it. There are kits out there or you can even YouTube it for pointers if you want to create your own thing. It’s a creative art form.

Surprised by What You Read?

Now you know what cloud chasing is, and are in the know about vape meets. Do you want a fruity flavour that is vampire-licious? If you like desserts, then introduce a milkshake into your next vaping sessions. The possibilities are many in the vaping industry, and we look forward to what is to come!

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