High Quality E-liquids and Why They're Favoured

High Quality E-liquids and Why They're Favoured

E liquids have become increasingly popular over the last few years. You’ve likely seen dozens of shops or pop-ups around, all offering to sell you e-liquids. The market is absolutely saturated with different brands. They all range in quality, too. Doing some research at the outset is always important. Not only so that you get the flavour you like, but also to ensure what you’re using is safe. 

This is why it’s so important you go for high-quality e-liquids. 

If you’re new to using e-liquids, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. For some, it’s as simple as picking a nice flavour and pressing order. Others like to get down into the details. To investigate what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, personal taste plays a huge factor in e-liquid choice. It’s why you need to consider any advice out there and apply it to yourself. What works for one, simply might not for another. That being said, there are e-liquids which are more popular than others, both because they’re of high quality and other factors like affordability, and quantity. Here are some to consider before you make your next purchase. 

It’s only natural for you to work your way through a few before finding the right one for you. Even if you’re a seasoned e-liquid user, you’ll now certain flavours taste different if switching brands. 

First, you look for quality, then flavour choice can come a little later. Remember, you can always try before you buy in certain places but usually, prices are cheaper online. Here are some to consider.

Vampire Blood

You’ve probably heard of Vampire Blood e-liquid. The original and premium high-quality e-liquid which has lasted the test of time. It’s an incredibly popular brand. New vapers are sometimes drawn to other brands offering more quantity, but vampire blood steps in with a quality product.

 One of the biggest pulls of Vampire Blood is the huge amount of flavours available. Something for all manner of tastes. You can keep it simple with a fruit flavour like strawberry, or blackcurrant. Or you can go for something a little more exotic like strawberry cheesecake. You can even take a stroll down sweet memory lane by going for blackjack flavour, or even bubblegum. 

Menthol is always popular but can get a little sickly if it’s the only one you’re using, especially if you vape quite a lot throughout the day. All flavours are desirable and if you’re someone who likes a change, vampire blood provides the same quality e-liquid in each flavour, giving you something different each time. 

Another benefit is being able to choose an e-liquid with or without nicotine, so you can simply enjoy the taste if you want to. Vampire blood is a British creation and can be bought in 50ml bottles. A sure win for quality and flavour favoured for being made on British soil. 

The flavours are great too, matching the great quality of Vampire Blood. 

Tasty Fruity

Another desirable and quality product is the Tasty Fruity e-liquid. There’s a huge number of flavours here, probably the largest range amongst all e-liquids. It’s a little more expensive, however, you get more liquid so the ratio is better. If you buy more than one bottle you can get a discount too, further saving you time and money.

The amount of flavours lets you mix and max too. It’s a little overwhelming at first and it might take you some time to settle on the flavour of your choice. 

There is an “ice” range of flavours, which are meant to taste like iced drinks. Then there are some exotic flavours you might find hard getting in other places such as lychee, or guava. Then there are other flavours which taste totally different like cappuccino, great for people who like the taste of coffee without the bitter aftertaste. 

Also great for those who don’t vape as often as others. 

You can get cocktail flavours too like the minty mojito. Most of the range of flavours is well-liked, it might just take you a bit of time to find your perfect combination but once you do, they’ll certainly be part of your forever collection not just due to the exotic taste, but the consistency in quality and affordability. If you like the quality of this product you’re in for a ride as there are so many flavours to work your way through, with more and more being invented all the time. You’ll find your perfect flavour in no time. 

Ken and Kerry’s

You can probably see where this is going. Ken and Kerry’s is an extremely popular e-liquid brand which bases their flavours on ice cream. Where there are fewer flavour options available, the flavours are completely unique and desirable by new and seasoned vapours alike. Especially those who love ice cream. 

All the flavour with no calories. 

Ken and Kerry’s e-liquids are a Malaysian made e-liquid loved all over the world. Malaysia has become a hotbed for vaping and it’s no wonder when flavours like this are turned out. You can get the ever-popular cookie dough flavour, chocolate brownie, banana split and vanilla. It’s not just the flavour which is impressive, but the way in which each hit tastes so creamy. 

Not only can you get these wonderful flavours, but the quality is there for all to see which is why it’ll be on the scene for a while to come, especially with such unique packaging and flavours. It’s a great concept executed perfectly. Of course, you can try these out without any nicotine if proffered. You can buy them in 120ml bottles and again, if you want to try out a couple of different flavours you can get a discount the more you buy, up to four. Favoured for its unique take on tastes coming from a different angle, which changes the initial taste to a creamier hit instead of direct flavours with the others, all while maintaining a quality product loved by new and seasoned vapers. 

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