Rolling Preferences: The Impact of Blunt Wrap Type on Your Smoke

Rolling Preferences: The Impact of Blunt Wrap Type on Your Smoke

With the growth of the market, blunt wraps are now available in a wider range of materials and flavours than ever before. Finding the best blunt wrap for your needs might require some experimentation, but here’s a guide to get you started with the most popular types.

Types of Blunt Wraps

Classic Tobacco Wraps:

Classic tobacco wraps are the go-to option for smokers who crave the authentic, rich taste that only tobacco can offer. The familiar earthy flavour of tobacco appeals to many smokers, with or without added flavours. However, popular flavours like blueberry, cherry or bubble gum are often added to complement tobacco’s natural taste which is sometimes described as woody, nutty, or even slightly spicy. 

Hemp Wraps:

The most popular non-tobacco blunt wraps are made from hemp. This environmentally sustainable alternative to tobacco is sometimes preferred by health-conscious smokers looking for products that are nicotine- or additive-free. More neutral and mild in flavour, hemp wraps taste fantastic when combined with fruit, chocolate, bubble gum or just about any blunt wrap flavour you can think of. The slightly grassy or woody taste of hemp, while satisfying on its own, provides a clean canvas for other flavours to shine through. 

Flavoured Wraps:

Not just limited to hemp or tobacco, these wraps incorporate exotic flavours across various materials, from banana to palm or rice paper. Keep an eye out for Platinum blunt wraps and G-rollz for unique choices like Jamaican Rum or Honey Buzz. Online head shops in the UK usually carry a wide selection, making it easy to find your perfect match.

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Blunt Wrap Thickness 

Aside from the flavour of your wrap, one element you’ll want to consider is the thickness. Blunt wrap thickness varies depending on the material and the specific product you’re buying. For instance, tobacco blunt wraps tend to be thicker than hemp or other materials. 

So, which is better, thick or thin blunt wraps? Blunt wrap thickness is really up to individual preference. While thicker wraps generally have more flavour, they are trickier to roll. A thick tobacco blunt cracking while you’re trying to roll it can be frustrating, but with experience, you’ll be able to appreciate the slower burn rate of your smoke. A blunt wrap that burns slowly turns into a longer smoke session which is a huge plus. However, if the taste isn’t right or it's too overpowering, then you might prefer a thinner blunt wrap. Thin blunt wraps are convenient because they’re easier to roll. Hemp blunt wraps are popular for this reason – they allow you to customise the tightness of the blunt. 

All in all, the most important factor is the quality of the blunt wrap material. A poor-quality blunt wrap, thick or thin, won’t make for a very satisfactory smoke. The material itself has a big impact on your smoking experience. 

Slow-Burning Wraps vs. Fast-Burning Wraps

Blunts generally burn slower than other rollables like joints or spliffs because the wrap material is thicker and they contain more bud. However, some blunt wrap materials are thicker than others. If your blunt burns fast regardless of the wrap you choose, you may be underfilling your blunt. Or you might have the opposite problem. Rolling your blunt too tightly and overstuffing it can stretch the paper too thin, resulting in a blunt that burns too quickly. 

Discover More Blunt Wrap Flavours 

Tired of your blunt tearing or falling apart? Finding the right rolling technique, whether your blunt wrap is thick or thin, will help you make the perfect roll-up. However, experimenting with different blunt wraps will get you a long way. When it comes to blunt wrap flavours, variety is everything. Explore 30+ blunts and cones on offer today at the Smokers Paradise Club online head shop in a range of flavours and materials, from all your favourite brands including G-Rollz, Juicy J, and Royal Blunts.

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