The E-liquid & Vaping Trends of 2020

The E-liquid & Vaping Trends of 2020

It’s been a strange old year so far. Coronavirus has swept across the world, ensuring everyone lives life a little differently. No more office vaping with friends. Not to mention the global recession which experts are predicting in the future. Things won’t go back to normal soon. But what’s changed in the world of e-liquid this year? It’s been a year of growth. Of innovation. Here are some of the top trends so far. 


Regulatory Shift

There may be a regulatory shift in the USA, which may bring regulations in line to something similar to TPD regulations in Europe. There may also be a shift in branding and packaging. You’ve probably seen a lot of the e-liquid packages. They’re colourful and attractive. They draw the eye. Before the year is out there may be plain packaging on e-liquids. 

Look how attractive the packaging is on something like vampire blood e-liquid and you’ll see how great branding can pull people in. This may be done by the major brands before the regulations are actually in force so that they don’t appear like they’re trying to attract children or teenagers to a product.

Caffeine in e-liquid

Most vapers have heard of coffee flavoured liquids. However, these take it a step further by including caffeine in the liquid. It’s intended to give coffee lovers a hit of caffeine without having to actually drink the drink. It’s in its infancy, and instead of using the bean, the coffee is extracted from natural substances like ginseng. However, no one knows how safe this is yet especially considering they aren’t regulated. You can’t even get them in Europe and they’re only being sold in the USA at the moment. If they pass regulatory control, you’ll surely see caffeine e-liquids pick up in popularity as the hit is instant and a lot quicker than drinking coffee. Some people like the benefit of caffeine but dislike coffee, so you can see the market is there for the product.

The Device Shrink

Vaping devices are getting smaller. It makes sense too. As technology progresses devices can shrink. The majority of major manufacturers are looking for ways to shrink devices as best as possible. People usually like smaller devices which can fit more handily in pockets. This is similar to the improvement of vape pods. As they’ve gained in popularity since 2018, they’ve got better and better. Power settings have increased, and the battery life has gotten slightly better. 

As 2020 goes on these will only get better.


What Are Nic Salts?

They’ve increased in popularity since last year and continue to be more widely used this year too. It’s a mixture of nicotine and differing acids which are much smoother in the throat than other kinds of vaping solutions. It isn’t at all salty though, as the name suggests. Ranges are continuing to increase, with major manufacturers such as Just Juice starting to stock different types of strengths too. 2020 will see lower strengths come to the market.

Though there might be a few changes stateside to regulations and a potential shift to plain packaging, we’re still offering the same high quality e-liquid online that we always have. 

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