How to choose the right e-liquid

How to choose the right e-liquid

Vampire Blood E-Liquid

When you’re new to vaping, picking out the right e-liquid to start off with can come across as quite the task. However, once you have access to some basic information, you'll find it much easier. To get you well on your way, here are some interesting facts about e liquids. 

  • One of the main ingredients in e liquids is nicotine, although some brands market themselves as nicotine-free
  • E liquids come in a variety of infused flavours that produce discernible tastes to elevate your smoking experience 
  • E liquids do not contain tobacco or produce carbon monoxide
  • Studies show that one of the most popular e-liquid flavours amongst new vapers is menthol e-liquid 

E-liquid is basically the fluid placed inside the tank of a vape pen or an e-cigarette to produce vapour. Just as it is when water is heated, the composition here changes. That way, when you inhale it, it’s form changes from liquid to vapour. The main difference here is that unlike water, vape juice has to be heated to up to 200 degrees Celsius for it to transform. 

Nevertheless, all this depends on your vaping kit, as well as your temperature preference. So, now that you know a little bit about vaping and e liquids, let’s dive into some tips for selecting your vaping liquid. 

4 Beginner Tips for Choosing Your Vaping Liquid

  1. Know the different types of e-liquid 

When it comes to vape juice, one of the major components is either Propylene glycerol (PG) or Vegetable glycerine (VG). But, in some cases, it can contain a combination of both. With PG based e-liquids, it is much thinner, making it easier to fill and refill your vape pen when it's compared to VG. It also takes less time to heat up and absorbs heat faster than PG, so you can start vaping once your pen is switched on. Even better, its thin nature means there’s less build-up in the coil of your vaping pen. 

However, it is known for producing smaller clouds than VG; that’s only logical since VG is a thicker liquid, it's sure to produce impressive clouds. It also contains its own flavour which makes it sweeter compared to PG. Another point on VG’s scoreboard is the fact that it is also much easier on the throat. 

In a nutshell, both of these have their pros and cons, so choosing one can be a difficult decision to make, which is why most e liquids contain a combination of both. A lot of vapers swear by a 40 percent PG and 60 percent VG ratio, however it’s up to you to explore and find a ratio that works best for you. 

  1. Decide on the flavour 

Flavouring is also another thing to take into consideration when selecting an e-liquid. In fact, it is the main thing to consider since all the other factors do not matter as much if the flavour is off. Luckily, vape juices are available in just about any and every flavour, and while having a wide variety to choose from can be nice, it often leaves you completely stuck for choice. One thing that helps narrow the search is the fact that e-liquids come in flavours that are similar to the ones offered by cigarette brands. 

So, if you were a fan of any flavoured cigarettes, you can start off with a vape juice that comes in a similar flavour. You may also want to consider trying out some vampire blood e-liquid and cocktail flavours to see how you like them. Once you’ve found your footing in terms of the mild flavours, you can graduate to bolder and more adventurous flavours. 

  1. Consider nicotine content

Once you’ve picked out a flavour, as well as a PG/VG combination ratio that works well for you, the next thing to look into is the nicotine content. A cool thing about vape liquid is that you can actually select the level of nicotine you want, depending on how much of it you are used to. 

For example, if you are generally a light smoker, then you may want to go for 3mg nicotine content in your e-liquid; much like vampire blood e-liquid. The nicotine strength can go as high as 36mg for very heavy smokers.

  1. Trial and testing

You don’t have to settle on just one e-liquid right off the boat, to find what you like best, you need to do some good old fashioned trial and testing with different brands, flavours, and nicotine levels. At the end of the day, the goal is for you to have the best vaping experience. So, don’t be scared to explore the options out there until you find one that you absolutely love. 

Now that you have a bit more information about vaping and e liquids, you should feel more comfortable selecting products that best suit your taste and preference. 

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