Why Vampire Blood Liquid Reigns as a Top Favourite

Why Vampire Blood Liquid Reigns as a Top Favourite

During your search for the UK’s best and tastiest e-liquids, you may have stumbled upon Vampire Blood liquid. The Manchester-based brand offers 27 unique e-liquid flavours, from classic fruity favourites to dessert-themed delights like Strawberry Cheesecake and Sherbert Lemon, and let us not forget, a remarkable Bubblegum. Vampire Blood is transforming the everyday e-liquid experience into a gourmet feast, all at an affordable price point of £4.39 – £4.99.

Introducing Vampire Blood Liquid

Vampire Blood liquid expertly combines lifelike, authentic flavours with affordability. In this diverse range, you’ll discover everything from succulent fruits to cooling menthols, delightful sweets, and decadent desserts. With prices starting at just £4.39, Vampire Blood offers a premium e-liquid experience that’s easily accessible, making it a go-to choice available at your preferred head shop.

These Flavours are a Must-Try! 

Mixed Berry

This succulent, juicy berry liquid delivers a flavourful punch. Bringing you a delightful, fruity blend of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry, this vampire blood liquid is like an exotic cocktail with its layers upon layers of flavour. 

Apple Slush

For a crisp, refreshing experience, try the Apple Slush. Expect a pleasant cool sensation in the back of the throat, just like the classic slush treat. A mix of sweet and sour is a refreshing contrast to the sweet fruits and dessert flavours. 

v blood e liquid apple slush 50ml 50/50 mix


No matter how many bubblegum e-liquids you’ve tried, Vampire Blood liquid consistently surpasses expectations. This take on traditional American bubblegum is a must-try. 

Rainbow Candy

Another mouth-watering favourite, this Vampire Blood liquid delivers a burst of mixed candied fruit flavours, offering an exciting sweet treat. 

v blood e liquid rainbow candy 50ml 50/50 mix

Lemon Tart

Looking to try something different? Experience rich buttery pastry and tangy lemon curd in this exciting Vampire Blood concoction. 

Customisable Nicotine Strengths 

As is the trend these days, Vampire Blood liquid allows you to choose your own nicotine strength. Vampire Blood liquid is all about enjoying the best flavour, without compromising on your nicotine preferences. If you’re trying to reduce your nicotine intake while also satisfying those cravings, Vampire Blood has the solution for you. 

Nicotine Strength Options:

  • Go nicotine-free and experience full flavour 
  • 3mg nicotine strength: add a 1X 10ml Nic Shot
  • 6mg nicotine strength: add 2X 10ml Nic Shot

Vampire Blood’s shortfill bottles leave just enough room for you to add your preferred nicotine strength. Just give it a good shake and you’re ready to go. What’s more, whenever you buy Vampire Blood liquid from Smokers Paradise Club, you get one free nicotine shot. 

Pharma-Grade Quality 

Each bottle of Vampire Blood liquid is produced right here in the UK, adhering to the highest standards. The brand is ISO 9001 compliant and certified by UKAS, an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems across all industries. The nicotine, PG, and VG are all of pharmaceutical grade, and the flavours are food-grade quality, suitable for e-liquid use.


Vampire Blood liquid comes in a 50:50 mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which are the base ingredients in e-liquids. This ratio strikes a good balance between producing plenty of vapour and delivering full-bodied flavours. As VG is known for creating thick clouds, and PG is a more effective flavour carrier, this ratio is highly popular. It provides a comfortable throat hit, with a noticeable but not overwhelming sensation. This ratio is versatile and suitable for various e-cigarette devices, including sub-ohm tanks and pod systems. It works well with both low and high-power devices, offering consistent performance across different setups.

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