Wrap it Right: Experience Unique Blunt Flavours

Wrap it Right: Experience Unique Blunt Flavours

Standard blunt wraps are a solid choice, but flavoured ones? They introduce a whole new dimension to your smoke. Blunt wraps can be infused with all kinds of flavours from fruits to chocolate and even more unique options like gin or rum. Here, we’ll explore the variety of flavours that the most trusted blunt brands have to offer.

What are Blunt Wraps?

Blunt wraps are a type of rolling paper made from tobacco leaves, hemp, and other smokable leaves. They are thicker than traditional rolling papers and have a slower burn rate. While the wrap itself has a distinct flavour, smokers have grown to love adding flavours like blueberry or grape to the mix. 

Hemp or Tobacco?

Hemp wraps have gained popularity as a tobacco-free alternative for rolling blunts. Besides offering a smoother, cleaner smoking experience, hemp is recognised as the most environmentally sustainable blunt wrap material available. Its short life cycle and high crop yield make hemp ideal for large-scale cultivation. Plus, hemp’s neutral flavour means it can be paired with anything – fruity, spicy, sweet, or alcoholic, you name it. 

That being said, hemp isn’t for everyone. You might miss the earthy flavour of tobacco, which complements and adds depth to many of the flavours blunt brands have to offer. Tobacco wraps also have a slower burn, which can make for a longer and potentially more enjoyable smoking session.

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Blunt Wraps or Pre-Rolled Cones?

Blunt wraps are sometimes favoured over pre-rolled cones by those who enjoy the rolling experience and like to customise the tightness of their blunt. Of course, if you’ve never rolled a blunt before, you may shy away from buying blunt wraps. Pre-rolled cones also come in a variety of flavours, so if it’s a flavourful blunt you’re after, you’ll still find a wide range of options to choose from.  

To roll a quality blunt, mastering the technique of tucking and sealing the wrap is key, as well as grinding and selecting the best blunt wraps. With superior blunt wrap quality, this process becomes easier, and there’s plenty on the market to choose from. 

Popular Brands and Products

G-Rollz Hemp Wraps

G-Rollz Hemp Wraps come in a range of delicious flavours: Blueberry Pop, Fiesta, Green Funk, Honey Buzz, Orange Dream, Passion Haze, Russian Dream, Strawberry Pop, and Tropical Twist. Smoke sustainably with organic hemp paper naturally grown in Spain. A healthier alternative to traditional wraps, the finely pressed G-Rollz Hemp Wraps are tobacco-free and additive-free.

Double Platinum Blunt Wraps 

Experience the slow-burning, smooth taste of Double Platinum Blunt Wraps. The range of flavours available is extraordinary - Chocolate, Blueberry, Jamaican Rum, Watermelon, Apple Martini, Bubble Gum. Packaged in sealed foil packaging, these blunt wraps stay fresh for long and won’t dry out. Double Platinum Blunt Wraps are made of the highest quality tobacco for a smooth, and slow-burning smoke. 

Juicy J Blunt Wraps 

Can’t get enough of those fruity flavours? Look no further than Juicy J Blunt Wraps, slow-burning, 100% tobacco blunt wraps made using Juicy Jay’s famous ‘Triple Dip’ flavour system. Each wrap is drenched in flavour three times and left to soak for over a week, guaranteeing a flavourful smoking experience. Choose from exotic flavours including Amarillo, Eldorado, Purple Wave, Red Storm, Blueberry, Mango Papaya, Natural, Purple aka Grape, Strawberry, and Tropical Passion.

Royal Blunt Wraps

Made from high-quality tobacco leaves, Royal Blunt wraps are easy to roll and burn evenly. There are currently 13 different flavours to choose from, including Berries, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Cali-Fire, Grape, Mango Haze, Naked, OGK, Purple Haze, Strawberries, Sugar Cane, Sweets, and Vanilla. 

RIPS Hemp Wraps

Savour the taste of 100% Canadian hemp packaged in a foil resealable pack to ensure freshness, combined with one of the following fruity flavours: Blueberry, Bubblegum, Gorgeous Grape, Purple, Strawberry, and Wild Cherry. 

Smoker’s Paradise Club: Where Quality Meets Variety

Discover a world of irresistible blunt flavours at Smoker’s Paradise Club. Our vast selection of premium blunt wraps has been carefully crafted for maximum flavour, guaranteeing an unforgettable smoke sesh.

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