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Baby Yoda Water Pipe

Baby Yoda Water Pipe

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  • Baby Yoda Ceramic Water Pipe Bong


    • Height: 220mm
    • Base Diameter: 140mm
    • Drop Pipe Length: 185mm (Ensure any replacement is not longer than this to fit properly. A shorter drop pipe is acceptable, but keep in mind that it should reach down to the water level.)
    • Mouthpiece Stem Length: 145mm (Choose a replacement of this length or shorter; a longer mouthpiece won’t fit.)

    Description: The Baby Yoda Ceramic Water Pipe Bong combines functionality with adorable aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this water pipe features a delightful Baby Yoda design that’s sure to capture the hearts of Star Wars fans and cannabis enthusiasts alike.


    1. Unique Design:

      • The centerpiece of this water pipe is a meticulously detailed Baby Yoda figurine. With its large, expressive eyes and endearing expression, it’s a conversation starter at any smoke session.
      • The green glaze adds a touch of authenticity, reminiscent of the lush forests of Dagobah.
    2. Smooth Hits:

      • The 185mm drop pipe ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. As you inhale, watch the smoke travel through Baby Yoda’s ears and into the water chamber.
      • The water filtration cools down the smoke, making each hit less harsh on your throat.
    3. Sturdy Base:

      • The wide 140mm base provides stability, preventing accidental tipping.
      • Baby Yoda stands guard, ensuring your bong remains secure during use.
    4. Comfortable Mouthpiece:

      • The 145mm mouthpiece stem allows for comfortable and controlled inhalation.
      • Feel the Force flow through you as you take a hit!
    5. Easy to Clean:

      • Ceramic material is easy to maintain. Simply rinse with warm water and mild soap after use.
      • Baby Yoda approves of cleanliness!

    Whether you’re a Jedi master or a padawan, the Baby Yoda Ceramic Water Pipe Bong is the perfect addition to your collection. May the hits be with you! 🌿💨


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