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Doozy Vape Co

Doozy Vape Co 10mg Nic Salt From £2.31

Doozy Vape Co 10mg Nic Salt From £2.31

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10mg Doozy Vape Co Nic Salt 10ml (50VG/50PG) - A Symphony of Flavours

Explore the exquisite range of flavours offered by Doozy Vape Co. Nic Salts, crafted to provide a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Each 10ml bottle with a 50VG/50PG ratio ensures a perfect balance of flavour and vapour production.

Fizzy Lemon

Indulge in the sharp, sweet zest of lemon, complemented by a fizzy twist. Reminiscent of melting candy, this flavour culminates in a burst of sherbet, offering an endless, delightful experience with a smooth throat hit.

Apple Mango

Savour the delightful blend of juicy apples infused with exotic mangoes. This tropical combination is perfect for a refreshing and satisfying vape, hitting the spot every time.

Frozen Berries

A refreshing concoction of assorted berries and crushed ice, this flavour offers an icy chill followed by a wave of sweet berry goodness. Perfect for those seeking a cooling and fruity experience.

Caramel Tobacco

Experience the subtle hints of tobacco wrapped in golden caramel. This flavour delivers a satisfying hit with a smooth, sweet tobacco undertone, ideal for those who enjoy classic profiles.

Vanilla Custard

Enjoy creamy custard infused with delicate vanilla, complemented by hints of syrup drizzled on a pastry crust. This dessert vape is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, offering a luxurious and smooth experience.

Apple & Grape Blast

Crisp green apples and sweet, juicy grapes come together with a refreshing blast of ice. This flavour provides a crisp, cool, and fruity experience, perfect for an all-day vape.

Caramel Tobacco Ice

A unique twist on the classic caramel tobacco flavour, now with an added icy touch. This combination delivers a satisfying and cool vaping experience, blending sweetness with a refreshing finish.

Lemon Berry Pie

Luxuriously soft pie dough combined with sweet berries and zingy lemon, this flavour is a delightful treat for dessert lovers. It offers a balanced and rich vaping experience.

Tropical Slush

Blue raspberries and pineapple blended together to create a refreshing mixed slush flavour. This tropical medley is perfect for those seeking a vibrant and cooling vape.

Vimto Crush

Inspired by the classic Vimto drink, this flavour features the juiciest berries combined with crushed ice. It provides a nostalgic and refreshing vaping experience.

Quality You Can Trust

Doozy Vape Co. is committed to quality, offering a diverse range of flavours to suit every preference. Whether you’re into fruity, icy, or classic profiles, Doozy Vape Co. has something special for you.

Explore the Doozy Vape Co. Nic Salt collection today and find your perfect flavour match!


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