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G-Rollz Hemp Blunt Cones, £1.88 Per Pack

G-Rollz Hemp Blunt Cones, £1.88 Per Pack

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G-Rollz Hemp Blunt Cones 2 Pack is a premium product that offers a seamless smoking experience. Each pack contains 2 pre-rolled hemp blunts, expertly crafted into a cone shape and featuring a spiral filter. These cones are made from premium, organic Spanish hemp that offers exceptional tear resistance and moisture retention.

G-Rollz Hemp Blunt Cones 2 Pack comes in 9 different flavors, each with its unique taste and aroma. Here are the flavors and their descriptions:

  1. Blueberry Pop: The sweet earthy fruitiness flavor of fresh blueberries will remind you of long summer holidays with these new hemp cones from G-Rollz.
  2. Flavor Fiesta: Indulge yourself with the sweet flavor or mixed tropical multifruit, including pineapples, bananas, and fresh berries. Satisfy your taste buds with every puff when using these delicious flavored pre-rolled hemp cones.
  3. Green Funk: Immerse yourself with the fruity citrus flavor of green grapes for a mild fruity-flavored smoke. You’ll be taken back to a subtropical paradise once you get the taste for these wraps.
  4. Honey Buzz: Let yourself unwind when smoking the sweet-tasting flavor of honey-pre-rolled hemp cones.
  5. Orange Dream: Unwind when smoking the creamy orange flavor of the new G-Rollz Orange cream hemp cones. With citrus undertones, you’ll be transported back to your summer holidays with the orange cream-flavored wraps.
  6. Passion Haz: Let yourself go when smoking the all-new Passion Haze pre-rolled cones by G-Rollz. Get the combined citrusy flavors of pineapple, melon, and kiwi with these pre-rolled cones.
  7. Russian Dream: Let yourself unwind when smoking the combined flavors of coffee, chocolate, caramel, vanilla-licorice, sweet tobacco, and, in keeping with its spiritual motherland, vodka to make up the amazing taste of Russian Cream.
  8. Strawberry Pop: Bring yourself back to your summer picnic with the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. When using these pre-rolled cones, you’ll be guaranteed the sweet mild taste of fresh strawberries with every puff so you won’t want to go back to anything but the delicious flavor of fresh berries.
  9. Tropical Twist: Gain all of the fruity benefits from these all-new fruity pre-rolled cones from G-Rollz. With a mild multifruit flavor that’s not too overpowering, you’ll definitely enjoy every puff you get with these pre-rolled cones.

G-Rollz Hemp Blunt Cones 2 Pack is perfect for those who want to enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. Try them today and experience the difference! 🌿🚬


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