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Juicy Jays Pre Rolled Cones, 98p Each

Juicy Jays Pre Rolled Cones, 98p Each

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Juicy Jays Jones Blackberry Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones are for high quality to make a smoking experience outstanding.

Get a feel of the great flavour with Juicy Jays Jones Blackberry Flavoured Pre-Rolled Cones, crafted for the more discerning smoker. The cones are made from triple-dipped flavoured paper from Juicy Jays that ensures richness in flavour with every smoke. Moreover, the soy ink used to print on the paper is environment-friendly and safe.
This means each pack contains two perfectly flavored paper cones, ideal for a flavorful experience. It features a premium Dank 7 reusable wooden tip that makes the tips very much like Cyclone Blunts, ensuring a full-bodied smoking experience with strong flavor in every use.

Key Features:

• Triple Dipped Flavored Paper: Taste the Real blackberry taste, with Juicy Jays unique flavoring process.
• Dank 7 Tips: Soaked for seven days, these reusable wooden tips ensure richness in flavour every time.
• Slow Burning: Designed for a long satisfied smoke.
• Tobacco-Free: A Healthier Alternative with No Compromise on Taste.
• Variety of Flavors: Available in blackberry, watermelon, blueberry, and grape flavors to tickle every taste bud.

Inside each see-through tube, you get two blackberry flavoured paper cones and one wooden tip to assure that your cones remain always fresh and ready for immediate usage. Juicy Jays Jones Blackberry Flavoured Pre-Rolled Cones gives you a superior smoking experience every time for greater satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What flavours are available?

Juicy Jays Pre-Rolled Cones come in blackberry, watermelon, blueberry, or grape flavors.

2. Are the Juicy Jays Pre-Rolled Cones made from natural ingredients?
Yes, these cones are triple-dipped flavored paper cones that are printed with soy ink, thus being eco-friendly and safe.

3. How many cones are in a pack?

There are two flavoured paper cones and one reusable wooden tip in each pack.

4. What is the material of the cones?

Cones are made from high grade flavoured paper, known for slow burning features.

5. Are Juicy Jays cones flavoured right through?

Yes, the cones are triple-dipped to ensure the flavor reaches all parts of the paper.

6. Are the cones available with filters or tips?

Each pack comes with a Dank 7 reusable wood tip, designed for rich infused flavour.

7. Can one use Juicy Jays cones for all kinds of smoking materials?

You can use these cones with many different types of smoking materials, from herbal to tobacco alternatives.

8. How easy are Juicy Jays Cones to use for beginners?

These Juicy Jays Pre-Rolled Cones work very easily for any kind of smoker, trusting end-users' whole machines and serving beginners well.

9. What is Juicy Jays' burn rate on cones?

These cones are designed to burn slowly, thus smoking up in a really nice, prolonged way. 10. Are different sizes of Juicy Jays cones available? They come in different sizes, like Juicy Jays Pre-Rolled Cones King-Size or slim.

10. Are Juicy Jays cones available in different sizes?

Juicy Jays Pre-Rolled Cones are available in various sizes, including king-size and slim, to cater to different preferences.


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